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Final commencement held at Cazenovia College over the weekend

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The freshman class of ’23 at Cazenovia College found themselves as the last graduates of the institution, an unexpected turn of events that has drawn a mix of emotions.

Sarah Cole expressed the sentiment as “bittersweet,” echoing her father Ross Cole’s feelings about the closure of the “beautiful school.”

Sarah’s brother, Nate, although not a student at Cazenovia, empathized with his sister and the students, acknowledging the sadness of the school’s closure.

Graduates chose to celebrate their achievements and reminisce about their time at the college during this final commencement. Sarah fondly recalled the campus as a place where she found her “second family,” with friends and faculty she will greatly miss.

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Cazenovia College alumnus and local business owner, Travis Barr, described the moment as “exciting” and “not real yet.” Barr’s message to the class of ’23 is to “do what you love,” emphasizing the need for adaptability and the pursuit of happiness in a world where “nothing is guaranteed.” Both Sarah and Travis agree that, despite the closure, they will treasure their experiences at Cazenovia College.