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New Yorkers call for action as food insecurity and rising costs pinch families

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Anti-hunger advocates are urging New York officials to address the growing concerns of food insecurity and the increasing costs of feeding families, as inflation and living expenses continue to rise.

No Kid Hungry NY, a prominent advocacy group, has released survey findings revealing that New Yorkers across various income levels are worried about hunger issues. The survey’s results coincide with a significant increase in living costs over the past year, which has strained household budgets and caused a nationwide surge in grocery prices.

The poll surveyed 1,189 New Yorkers and is consistent with other studies showing residents’ concerns about the cost of living. The survey found that 73% of New York adults have found it more difficult to afford groceries over the last year, with 38% experiencing food insecurity symptoms such as not eating for an entire day or running out of food. The poll also revealed that 29% of parents are worried about their household not having enough food.

Concerns about food insecurity are also affecting middle-income families, with 35% of respondents earning between $50,000 and $100,000 experiencing some form of food insecurity.

New York lawmakers and Governor Kathy Hochul are expected to finalize a state budget this week that expands the child tax credit to include families with children under four years old and extends free school meals to districts with predominantly lower-income families.

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