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Lawmaker proposes new measures to stop drunk driving

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Democratic State Senator James Skoufis is championing new measures to curb drunken driving in anticipation of the upcoming summer travel season. The proposed legislation aims to close gaps in current state law that can inadvertently permit dangerous drivers back on the roads.

One proposal seeks to prevent drivers with two convictions for driving while intoxicated (DWI) involving personal injury from obtaining a new license. Another measure would mandate the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue non-driver identification cards to individuals with suspended licenses, whether for DWI-related offenses or other reasons.

Senator Skoufis emphasized the importance of the legislation, stating, “With summer vacations looming and more families getting out on the roads, New Yorkers need to know that lawmakers are acting to keep them safe.” He added that the proposed measures would not only help prevent future injuries and fatalities caused by drunk drivers but also ensure that these individuals can still carry out daily tasks requiring legal identification.

According to Skoufis, over 17,000 deaths occur annually in New York as a result of drunk driving, highlighting the urgent need for these preventative measures.