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3 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Pets Treats

Once in a while, treating your furry friend to some delicious treats is also a form of love. Sadly, human food is not always healthy for your pet, but you can incorporate natural food into their diet with goodies. Whether it’s a reward for learning a new trick, an in-between meal snack, or keeping them occupied, receiving a treat is one of your pet’s favorite parts of its day!

No matter the reason, it’s essential to know how to spoil your furry best friend from time to time. Read on to learn the reasons why you should give your pets a treat.

What are Healthy Pet Treats?

If you have a pet, you should know the importance of treats and how much they love them. PETstock offers various pet treats not only to make training more accessible but also to form a bond between you and your pet. They may not be able to say it, but giving your pet a well-earned treat is a display of affection.

Since treats are an essential part of your pet’s life, it’s crucial to ensure you’re giving them a healthy treat. With the many treats available in the market, you can’t deny that some are unhealthy and may lead to health issues that shorten your pet’s life.

Before buying another pack of a delicious treat for your friend, look for natural options for the following reasons:

  • Hormones free
  • Non-fattening
  • No allergic triggers
  • Better dental health
  • Wholesome nutrition
  • High-quality
  • Increase life expectancy

Why Should You Give Treats to Your Pet?

Pets, especially dogs, get bored quickly, and owners must give them treats to keep them active. However, this is not the only reason your pet deserves a treat! Check out the reasons why you should offer treats to your pet:

1. Training Reward

Delicious treats are the secret to training your four-legged friend to follow commands and behave nicely! When training your dog, it’s essential to reward them for their hard work and effort. Make sure to choose tiny treats or cut huge ones into pieces to have enough treats for your training session.

2. Chewing Protection

Puppies or adult dogs chewing on your favorite shoes, tissue, or the leg of a chair is a common scenario. It’s normal for puppies to chew on almost everything during their teething phase; adult dogs may still munch on your things when they are alone and bored. Pet treats distract your furry friend, and they will chew the treats instead of your items.

If you plan on leaving your pet alone for a couple of hours, choose huge and complex snacks for them to chew longer. But make sure that the treat is safe and your pet knows how to chew properly to avoid choking while you’re away.

3. For Pamper

Let’s face it: there are moments when you make eye contact with your pet and want to give them everything they want. Sometimes, it’s good to feed your furry pet a tasty treat because you love them so much, and they deserve it. Giving them treats will strengthen your bond and convey that you love and appreciate them.

Treats are also a great way to offer friendship to a new dog. When guests come over and their furry friend tags along, offer them a snack, and you will have a new friend. But to be safe, ask the owner if you can give their friend treats because some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients.

When Should You Give Your Pet Treats?

Even when your fridge is full of healthy treats, you need to give your pet treats in the right amount. Treats can never replace a balanced diet; they are just an enjoyable supplement to your pet’s daily diet. Just like you want to munch on sweets, treats are just a snack for your pet and should not replace their whole meal.

The number of treats your pet ingests should always be 5-10 % of the daily calories your pet should eat. No matter how well your pet performs a trick, fight the urge to give them a treat every few minutes.

Feeding your pet with health treats keeps them happy and improves their quality of life. To ensure you are on the right track, research pet treats, how often to give them, and how to choose the best for your furry friend!

What are the Factors to Consider Choosing Treats for Your Pet?

Seeing your dog wagging his tail or your cat leaning on you is satisfying. Your dog would eat any treat you give, so it’s up to you to ensure that they only munch on a healthy treat. To keep them healthy and happy, consider these three things when choosing treats.

1. Source of Ingredients

As a pet parent, it’s reasonable to dig deep to know where the ingredients of treats are sourced before feeding them. The treat packaging may state where it was manufactured, but the elements may be sourced from another place. Know the quality control of the said countries to ensure it’s 100% safe and healthy.

2. Number of Ingredients

The number of components in your pet’s treat doesn’t matter if they are all high-quality and essential. However, with the various threats emerging nowadays, it’s hard to believe that every package contains only healthy ones. Some artificial treats contain flavoring, additives, and synthetic – these are not good for your pet.

3. Quality of Ingredients

Understanding the difference between a good and bad dog treat is essential for every pet parent. The package states that the treat is made from natural ingredients, so it wouldn’t hurt to do additional research.

There are different treats for your pet’s diverse needs. If you think your pet is gaining weight and becoming round, choose snacks designed for weight control. Treats that contain beef or lamb with high meat content are ideal for active dogs to keep their energy high. If your pet has a sensitive digestive system, choose treats that are healthy for its gut.

Give Your Furry Friend A Treat Today!

Pets are the best companion any man could have, so it’s natural to give them everything they deserve. Delicious treats may be your pet’s favorite, but they won’t know if they’re eating healthy. As a pet owner, you must feed them safe and healthy options. Give your four-legged friend a warm hug and a well-deserved treat today!

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