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Top Trends Dominating the Makeup Packaging Industry in 2023

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The makeup packaging industry is continually evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers and stay ahead of the latest trends. 

And suppliers and retailers have both taken note of this trend. Whether is it the shelves of Sephora or the online catalogues of beauty supply-side marketplaces like, we are seeing an increasing number of brands showcasing products that reflect changing trends in the industry.

In 2023, several key trends will dominate the makeup packaging landscape, as brands strive to create packaging that is not only visually appealing but also sustainable, functional, and inclusive. In this article, we delve into the top trends shaping the future of makeup packaging and how they will impact the industry.

1. Sustainable and Eco-friendly Packaging

The Rise of Recyclable and Biodegradable Materials

As environmental concerns take center stage, makeup brands are increasingly adopting sustainable packaging solutions. In 2023, recyclable materials such as paper, glass, and aluminum will become even more popular in the makeup packaging industry. Furthermore, biodegradable materials like PLA (polylactic acid) and mycelium-based packaging will gain traction as brands seek to minimize their environmental impact.


Refillable and Reusable Containers

Another aspect of sustainable packaging is the move towards refillable and reusable containers. Makeup brands will increasingly offer products in containers that can be refilled or repurposed, thus reducing packaging waste. This trend will encourage customers to invest in high-quality packaging that can be used multiple times, promoting a circular economy in the makeup industry.

2. Minimalist and Functional Design

Embracing the Less-is-More Philosophy

In 2023, minimalist design will continue to dominate the makeup packaging industry. Brands will focus on creating packaging that is sleek, simple, and visually appealing, with a strong emphasis on functionality. This trend aligns with the modern consumer’s preference for a clutter-free aesthetic and the growing “skinimalism” movement in beauty, which promotes minimalist skincare routines with fewer products.

Multifunctional and Travel-friendly Packaging

As consumers increasingly seek versatile and convenient makeup products, brands will respond by designing multifunctional and travel-friendly packaging. This trend will be reflected in compact designs, built-in applicators, and dual-purpose containers that make it easy for users to apply and store their makeup on-the-go.

3. Gender-Neutral and Inclusive Packaging

Breaking the Boundaries of Traditional Gender Roles

The makeup packaging industry will see a significant shift towards gender-neutral and inclusive packaging in 2023. This trend is driven by the growing awareness that beauty is not restricted by gender, and makeup brands will seek to cater to a broader audience by designing packaging that appeals to all consumers. The focus will be on creating packaging that is free from stereotypical gender cues, using a neutral color palette, and adopting a more inclusive visual language.

Accessible and Universal Design

Inclusivity in makeup packaging will also extend to accessibility and universal design. Brands will be more conscious about creating packaging that is user-friendly for people with disabilities or dexterity challenges. This may include easy-to-open closures, tactile elements, and clear labeling that makes it simpler for everyone to use and enjoy makeup products.

4. Smart and Connected Packaging

Integrating Technology for Enhanced User Experience

As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, makeup packaging will also evolve to incorporate smart features. In 2023, we can expect to see packaging that includes QR codes, NFC tags, or even embedded sensors that provide users with additional product information, tutorials, or personalized recommendations. This trend will enable brands to connect with their customers in new and exciting ways, while also allowing them to gather valuable data on consumer preferences and behaviors.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Try-Ons

Augmented reality (AR) will play a significant role in the makeup packaging industry in 2023. As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping, AR-enabled packaging will allow users to virtually try on makeup products before making a purchase. By scanning a QR code or using a dedicated app, customers can see how a product will look on their skin, making the shopping experience more interactive and personalized. This technology will not only enhance the user experience but also help brands reduce product returns and increase customer satisfaction.

5. Customization and Personalization

Tailored Packaging for a Unique Consumer Experience

The demand for customization and personalization in makeup packaging will continue to grow in 2023. Brands will offer a wide range of options for customers to tailor the packaging to their preferences, such as choosing their favorite colors, patterns, or even adding their names or initials. This trend speaks to the desire for self-expression and individuality among modern consumers and allows brands to create a more intimate connection with their audience.

Adaptable and Modular Packaging

Another aspect of customization in makeup packaging is the development of adaptable and modular designs. These packaging solutions allow customers to mix and match products or create their own makeup palettes, providing a personalized and versatile experience. As a result, brands will design packaging that can be easily rearranged or expanded, offering consumers the flexibility to create their unique makeup collection.



In 2023, the makeup packaging industry will be shaped by several key trends that emphasize sustainability, functionality, inclusivity, technology, and customization. As brands adapt to these emerging trends, they will create packaging solutions that not only cater to evolving consumer preferences but also contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future in the world of beauty.

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