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LATEST: NYSEG begins restoring natural gas service in Schuyler, Steuben, and Yates counties

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Officials in Steuben County have responded after a natural gas service outage left hundreds without heat or hot water on Monday.

As of late-morning on Tuesday, 444 services in Schuyler, Yates, and Steuben counties had been restored.

Emergency management officials in Steuben County asked any of the remaining customers who do not have service to contact NYSEG.

For its part, NYSEG told county officials there that natural gas service should be restored later today.

Warming centers were being shut down during the afternoon hours on Tuesday.

NYSEG natural gas customers in Schuyler, Steuben, and Yates counties told it could be days before service is restored

Around 600 customers are without gas service in parts of Steuben, Schuyler, and Yates counties after an outage was reported on Monday.

Worse yet, the outage is not expected to be restored for several days, officials said.

Residential and business customers in the towns of Barrington, Tyrone, and Wayne are being told they should be prepared to go days without heat or hot water.

Emergency management officials in Steuben County have opened warming stations at the Tyrone Fire Department and Hammondsport Fire Department.

Residents who lost service are being asked to conserve hot water and keep what they have in the tank. Once that reserve is depleted, residents will not be able to access hot water until service is restored.

NYSEG said in a statement that the natural gas outage will require in-person, house-to-house visits for re-energization in the effected areas.

“NYSEG natural gas customers in these areas experienced a gas outage early this morning due to a supplier issue,” NYSEG said. “Restoration is being performed by natural gas personnel for the more than 600 customers affected, and those customers will each have their service turned back on manually to safely relight gas appliances, beginning tonight. Customers should not attempt to turn on gas themselves. Customers may see NYSEG field technicians or qualified personnel from additional resources the Company has called in to assist with this emergency in their neighborhood. Technicians will require access to turn gas service back on and relight any gas appliances. Before entering a home, those field personnel will present a badge from either Avangrid or one of the following gas companies: Berkshire Gas, Connecticut Natural Gas, National Fuel, National Grid, Rochester Gas and Electric, or Southern Connecticut Gas. Some contract resources also are assisting and will present identification.”