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Are gas stoves going to be banned in New York?

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New York and California are considering a ban on the sale of new gas appliances by 2030, due to new studies pointing to health risks associated with gas stoves.

These studies have led a commissioner with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to refer to gas stoves as a “hidden hazard.” The studies show that when using a gas stove, poisonous gases are released which are linked to asthma and even cancer.

However, despite the mounting research, many people, including professional chefs and home cooks, prefer gas stoves for their ability to quickly control heat. In response to the concerns, the chairman of the CPSC issued a statement saying the agency has no plans to ban gas stoves.

As an alternative, electric stoves are becoming increasingly popular and offer the added benefit of being usable during power outages. Induction stoves, which use magnetic waves to heat cookware, are also considered a safer option, however, they are often more expensive than standard electric stoves.