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8 Things to Consider for Your Branding Strategy

When it comes to starting a business, your company’s brand strategy is really the most important aspect of it all. Your brand will not only give you your identity, but it will establish how consumers perceive you.

A good brand strategy will attract your targeted audiences, drive brand awareness and ultimately drive sales.

Think of Nike. They have created a brand strategy that has allowed the world to identify them off of one swoosh mark. While they have a multi-million dollar brand team building and evolving their strategy, the principles remain the same for all business brands.

In fact, you can create a brand strategy that mirrors a brand like Nike—because the groundwork really is the same. It comes down to having a strong logo, a compelling story, and solidified values that fuel the organization’s deeper purpose.

If you are wanting to develop a strong brand strategy that will help set you up for success, then look no further than here. We have gathered up all the top tips for you to consider and share the insight that world-class brands have learned when building their own brand strategy.

1. Understand Your Purpose

A strong brand strategy should all be linked back to your organization’s deeper purpose. So this should of course be defined upfront. Make it clear not only what you do, but why you do it. Define the transformative experience you allow consumers to have. Write out your purpose in a concise and clear message. The purpose should be defined to a point that anyone in your organization can recite it to anyone that they talk to as well. After all, your employees are your biggest brand advocates.

Another important aspect of your brand strategy should be not only creating your logo but evolving it as your own company evolves as well. You can do this with an online logo maker that allows you to build this on your own. In fact, the tools are so advanced that you can create a world-class logo in under 5 minutes. Getting your logo right is essential, as it is the key visual that anyone will associate your brand with. And the logo really should tell the wider brand story too.

3. Create Relationships

Brands are meant to collaborate with others. Whether this is with other brands or entrepreneurs, creating relationships for your brand will help you roll out your brand strategy in an authentic way that organically grows your audience base and your consumer loyalty. Plus, you will get the power of other brands to help catapult your brand as well.

4. Share Your Story

One of the most underutilized parts of a brand is the storytelling aspect. In fact, brand storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to actually get people to fall in love with your brand and become captivated by your mission. The journey to getting a sales to win is long—and it all starts with a really compelling story. Plus, telling your brand story will help you create personal bonds for your brand that will become some of your most valuable assets.

5. Connect Your Vision to Your Brand

While having your deeper purpose is important, so is having a clear vision. One of the best ways to evolve your brand strategy is by actually infusing your vision into your brand. A clear vision will allow your brand to be represented with clarity and is one of the best ways to check for consistency in anything you do from a brand perspective.

6. Be Real

Consumers are really tuned in to when brands are trying to take advantage of them. They are savvy when it comes to marketing campaigns and hard to forge real relationships with. This is why one of the most critical parts of your brand strategy should be to be real—always. Being real will allow you to build trust, build a powerful reputation, and be taken seriously. No one likes a phony brand with empty promises. So stay true to your word, have transparency in your actions and be consistent in your delivery.

7. Ask for Feedback

While it may be hard to hear sometimes, knowing what people say about your brand behind your back is really important. Take the time to learn how others both perceive you and accept you. Listen to what they don’t like about your brand currently and evolve from there. Your vision for your brand is only as good as how consumers and your employees perceive it.

8. Keep It Simple

Your brand does not have to be all things to be successful. In fact, stick to your core strengths and do a really good job at them. The rest will simply fall into place from there.


These eight tips will help you create the ultimate brand strategy.

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