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SUNY Oswego transitions from college to university after state approval

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SUNY Oswego has officially been recognized as a university by the state’s Board of Regents. While the university will continue to be known as SUNY Oswego, its official state education title will change from State University of New York College at Oswego to State University of New York at Oswego.

The decision was made after the Board of Regents established new guidelines for defining a university. “This formal designation appropriately represents who SUNY Oswego is today – a premier institution proud of its shared commitment to excellence and unwavering efforts to place student success at the center of all we do,” said Mary C. Toale, Officer in Charge at SUNY Oswego. “Recognized officially as a university reinforces our institutional priorities; spotlights our high-quality, high-impact practices inside and outside the classroom; and underpins our mission to sustain our university and build a better world for future generations.”

SUNY Oswego’s College Council Chair, James McMahon, added that the new designation “speaks directly to SUNY Oswego’s vision to transcend traditional higher-education boundaries and serve students wherever they are in their personal journeys. It raises the SUNY Oswego reputation of quality and access to new heights and positions us to further grow our footprint; create and strengthen mutually beneficial public-private partnerships; and serve the wider community and regional workforce.”

The change was approved by Interim SUNY Chancellor Deborah Stanley and took effect on January 1st.