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Employers are legally required to disclose a salary when hiring someone

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As of the start of 2023, employers in several states are now legally required to disclose salary ranges. It must be done during the hiring process. This is an effort to promote salary transparency and help disadvantaged groups negotiate for fair pay. 14 states currently prohibit employers from asking job applicants about their payment history.

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Some of the states and cities that have implemented these policies include California, Cincinnati, Ohio, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, New York City, Rhode Island, Toledo, Ohio, and Washington. Massachusetts, South Carolina, and New York are also considering similar legislation.

These policies vary by location, but generally require employers to tell what salary ranges are on job postings, during interviews, or when offering a job. Some also do not allow employers to ask about salary history during the hiring process. The goal is to level the playing field and ensure that all candidates are able to negotiate for fair pay.

One push for salary transparency may be fueled by the increase in remote work during the pandemic, which has created a more flexible job market. By requiring employers to share salary ranges, job seekers can better understand the value of their skills and fairly negotiate. Overall, these policies are a positive step towards promoting pay equity and fairness in the workplace.

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