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Deep Cleaning Services

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Deep cleaning services are really handy if you haven’t had time to clean in a few months. They are also excellent if you’ve been searching for a cleaner for a while. Deep cleans allow you to start from scratch again. They wipe the slate clean and ensure that staying on top of cleaning duties from now on is a lot easier.

Here’s a look at deep cleans and what you need to know about this cleaning service. What this cleaning service involves for both domestic and commercial deep cleans, when to get a deep clean of a property and even more.

Domestic deep cleans

Deep cleans in a home are usually conducted by a team of cleaners, but it depends on the size of the cleaning company you use. The cleaners will arrive and begin cleaning every inch of your home. Most professional cleaners start from the top. They will clean any wall mouldings, bookcases and high-up shelves, working their way to the floor in each room.

Every cupboard, wardrobe and shelf will be dusted and cleaned. Each room, including the bathroom and kitchen, will be gone over with a fine toothcomb to ensure it is perfectly clean.

A domestic deep clean typically takes a few hours, but this depends on the size of the cleaning team and the size of your home. A rough time frame will be given to you by the cleaners.

Commercial deep cleans

A commercial deep clean is exactly the same as a domestic one. However, many businesses use deep cleans the moment they move into a new building. Commercial properties are often not left in the best condition, and so, a commercial deep clean can be done quickly to get the property looking great.

If you intend to do any building work or painting in the commercial premises, it might be worth waiting until the work is complete. A deep clean after this work can finish off your business perfectly and get it ready for your employees and your customers.

During a commercial deep clean, every area of the commercial space is cleaned. Every office, bathroom, kitchen and communal area is cleaned to ensure your business looks excellent.

What is included in deep cleans?

What’s included in a deep clean greatly depends on which company you use for your deep clean. However, most cleaning companies include all dusting, hoovering, mopping and wiping of surfaces, and things like that. A deep clean is basically a huge spring clean for your home or business. So, all of the cleaning services included in a deep clean are fairly standard cleaning tasks, but they are extremely thorough, and every area of the home or business is cleaned.

Let’s take a typical kitchen as an example. During a deep cleaning of a kitchen, each cupboard is wiped down inside and out. Every counter is wiped down. The tiles on the walls are cleaned. The skirting boards are wiped and dusted. The floors are swept, mopped or vacuumed. In short, all aspects of weekly cleaning chores are undertaken during a deep clean, with the addition of the more commonly missed areas like behind the toilet and inside cupboards. So, every room of the house is perfectly clean and dust free.

Can you add additional cleaning services to deep cleans?

Yes, you can add more cleaning services to deep cleans to get even more out of them. You may have noticed that we didn’t mention oven cleaning during our kitchen deep clean example above. This is because most cleaning companies do not offer oven cleaning as standard, but you can add it as an additional extra. If this is the case, the oven cleaner may come the day before to begin the process.

You can also add carpet cleaning services to most deep cleans. This service is excellent for bringing your carpets back to life. These will likely be done after the rest of the deep cleaning has been completed. Once the dust has settled, a carpet shampooing machine will be brought in, and it will remove all of the dust and dirt from your carpets, making them look brand new again.

Most deep cleaning companies don’t include these cleaning tasks in the deep clean as many people don’t require them. However, if you do, ask about any additional cleaning services that you can add to ensure you get the results you want.

When to use deep cleaning services?

Deep cleaning services are ideal if you haven’t had time to clean in a while. They are also excellent if you’ve just moved into a new property and want to have a fresh start. Deep cleans are also excellent when you are selling your home as they allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

Honestly, deep cleans are really handy for many reasons. Whether you’ve struggled with the cleaning for a while or you just want your home to feel like your home again, a deep clean can help. Just make sure to find the best cleaning company like Rain City Maids of Lynnwood that offers the deep cleaning services that you need, and your home or business will be cleaned to perfection.

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