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IVF Treatment in the Czech Republic

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For those who have tried to get pregnant without success, there are merely a few options left. You could adopt, but you’d really like your child to be biologically yours. Then IVF comes to mind. IVF treatments in the United States are expensive. The average price for a treatment without medication is 12.000 dollars, and this price is even higher in the big cities. Not everyone can afford such a steep price and therefore tend to find other solutions. Luckily, there is one: getting IVF treatment in the Czech Republic. Keep reading to find out why IVF in this country is a great alternative for the expensive American IVF treatments.

How much does IVF in the Czech Republic cost?

If you’re not familiar with the Czech Republic: it is a low wage European country. This means that the expenses in this country are very much lower than in the US. Most clinics are situated in the capital Prague and another big city called Brno. However, since getting IVF in Czech Republic is so popular, there are many other cities with IVF clinics.

Firstly, the costs of staying in this country will be very little. Hotels are much cheaper compared to the US and even apartments are available for rent by foreigners. Weekly expenses such as food and utilities are very affordable as well. A full IVF cycle is three weeks, and the costs for staying in the Czech Republic will be much lower than in the US.

Let’s discuss the price of IVF in the Czech Republic. If you want to do an IVF cycle with your own egg, expect to pay about 2500 euro for the treatment. There are also other fertility treatments offered in the clinic. For egg donation you’d pay about 5000 euro. Embryo Monitoring e.g. Embryoscope will set you back about 350 euro. As you can see, the prices are significantly lower than in the US, and there is a wide range of treatments available. Clinics are allowed to set their own prices, and therefore some clinics will be more expensive than others.

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Is getting IVF in the Czech Republic safe?

Even though the Czech Republic is a low wage country, the medical care standards are remarkably high. As for the IVF success rate, Czech hospitals score very high as well. Fertility clinics are obligated to submit their results and a report is published by the European Society Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). This institution also sets strict regulations that fertility clinics have to follow.

Besides following the regulations determined by the ESHRE, Czech fertility clinics also have to possess a certification, provided by the State Institute for Drug Control (or SUKL). This institution inspects all fertility clinics in the Czech Republic to ensure a high standard of quality and safety. If a clinic complies with this legislation, it has been tested on many factors such as correct handling of materials, accurate documentation, excellent organization and management, and high quality materials.

Am I allowed to get IVF treatment in the Czech Republic?

One important thing to keep in mind before you get IVF treatment in the Czech Republic, is that the country has restrictions as for who is allowed to receive the treatment. IVF is available for a couple consisting of a man and a woman, who live together. Marriage is not obligated. Unfortunately, IVF is not available for single women or same sex couples. If you are a same sex couple or single woman and you would like to have IVF treatment, there are plenty of fertility clinics in Europe that do offer this service, such as clinics in Spain and Cyprus.

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