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5 Excellent Wine Towns to Visit in Spain

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ain, besides Italy and France, is one of the countries where wine is an important and reference drink. Many of its regions have the best vineyards in Europe and produce wines that are really worth enjoying, so here are some of the best wine towns in Spain that you should visit.

Whether or not you took a high-speed train from Barcelona to Madrid, there are many regions in Spain that you should visit if you really enjoy drinking a glass of wine. Red wine, rosé wine and sparkling wine are part of the wine regions of the country. 

Wine is so important in Spain, that the best Spain tours include guided visits to the most important vineyards and wineries. Tourists can not only enjoy good Spanish wine, but also learn about the entire process from harvesting the fruit to bottling.

La Rioja

When it comes to choosing the best wine towns in Spain, La Rioja is undoubtedly one of them. This region of the country is known worldwide for having more than 60,000 hectares of vineyards and several of the oldest wineries.

La Rioja is characterized for being a region that produces different types and styles of wine, however, the fruity flavor is one of the most outstanding details of its wines. In addition to its wineries and vineyards, La Rioja always stands out for its very careful aging processes and its extensive reserves.

It is estimated that the first wine from La Rioja was produced in 1852, with the ancient methods related to enology. This means that the history behind its wineries and wines goes back centuries; a history that you would surely like to know.

Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero is an area full of vineyards, located in Castilla y León. Its soils are privileged, thanks to its natural composition it allows the production of wines in the region to be balanced and with high persistence.

In addition to the soils, the climate is ideal so that the raw material can be harvested in the best conditions and thus guarantee the quality of its wines. The wines produced in Ribera del Duero have unique and special properties, which are made with both white and red grapes.

They currently have more than 300 wineries and more than 2 thousand brands of wines that stand out for their complexity in terms of flavor, color and consistency. Their wines are the most popular in other European countries, so if you visit their vineyards, buying a bottle as a gift is an excellent souvenir.


Andalucía has a special climate to cultivate vineyards, so it is one of the most important wine cities in Spain and visited by wine tourists.

Besides having wines of very good quality, it has many tourist places, bars and restaurants where you can find its wines. As they are harvested in the same region, they are usually served very fresh.

This Spanish city has a tradition of more than a thousand years in the cultivation of grapes and the production of quality wines. Maritime trade between the 16th and 17th centuries became an excellent business opportunity for the time, as it grew rapidly.


Navarra is a Spanish community well known for its rosé wine production, which represents more than 90% of the total wine production in the region.

Its climates, soils and natural conditions allow its vineyards to be very productive, so its wineries have an extensive catalog of wines to enjoy. Navarra has the most aromatic wines in the region with a good balance between acidity and alcohol.

In Navarra there are many tours that can be done through its vineyards, so if you visit this city, you can not miss its wineries and taste the best smelling wine in Spain.

Canary Islands

If you have already planned your trip to Spain and you are really a wine lover, the Canary Islands will be a must-see destination. The soils of this Spanish region have a volcanic base that allows them to produce wines with the advantages of certain minerals that influence their smell, taste and color.

The wide variety of climates in the Canary Islands has significantly favored the production of wines in the region, which distinguishes it from many others in the country. The wines you will find there are as diverse as the number of islands that make up the region, so if enjoying a glass of wine near the sea is something you like, in the Canary Islands you will have the best vacation.

Drinking a glass of wine is synonymous for many people with relaxation and spending a pleasant moment. If you are one of those people and plan to travel very soon, these cities in Spain will probably become your favorites.

Take advantage of the history and tradition of this country, and enjoy an unforgettable wine experience.

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