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Kratom Online Fast Shipping – Shops with FREE Overnight Delivery

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Aside from polite sales reps and a generous return policy, today’s Kratom consumers expect fast and free shipping. Being able to order Kratom Online with Fast Shipping becomes an “inalienable right” driven by the chain of demand.

And with online marketplaces like Amazon setting the standards of e-commerce shipping, the “within two days, one, or even same day shipping” policy has become the norm.

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As a result, other online marketplaces including Kratom stores have no option but to jump on the bandwagon or risk losing business as consumers are becoming less patient waiting for their favorite Kratom strain to arrive.

In this review, we examine the top two vetted and verified online Kratom vendors that offer fast shipping and free next-day delivery.

Verified Kratom Shops With Fast Free Next Day Shipping and Delivery:

1. Nova Kratom – Same-day shipping, next-day delivery (free on orders above $39.99) 
2. Happy Hippo Herbals – Next-day shipping (free on orders above $200)

#1. Nova Kratom ($72/kg with discount & free overnight delivery –

Gracing the list is Nova Kratom. Based in Oregon, this company is a relatively new player that has quickly grown to become one of the fastest-shipping, top-tier, online kratom vendors in the digital Kratom market space.

But why do we recommend Nova Kratom as your first choice for Kratom with same-day shipping and next-day delivery despite there being some renowned Kratom brands in this highly competitive market?

Kratom Quality

Well, one of the most obvious reasons is that the company lives true to its word of offering only top-quality Kratom. As such, the company only packs and sells premium-quality Kratom.

Nova Kratom products are also 100% natural, vegan-friendly, and fresh. Users also say that it is incredibly smooth, and potent and helps them get the expected results sooner.

This is because all their Kratom strains are ethically sourced under fair trade practices from experienced farmers in Indonesia who practice sustainable agricultural practices.

Range of Products

Along with that, their inventory is highly diversified, which means you can find nearly any Kratom strain from this vendor in various forms.

So, whether you love classic strains, like Red Indo, or super-potent strains like White Maeng Da in powder or capsule form, Nova has got you covered.

What’s more, the vendor’s website is easy to navigate which makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for in a jiffy.

Kratom Safety and Purity

Safety is another concern for every Kratom user. While some vendors take this as a marketing ploy, Nova Kratom takes this as a continuous quality assurance procedure.

As such, the vendor partners with third-party testing facilities to ensure that every batch of Kratom is tested for purity (presence of pathogens, heavy metals, and pesticides) and potency (alkaloid concentration) to ensure it meets the recommended quality standards.

This explains the consistency in the Kratom quality sold by this vendor.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing is another factor that has undeniably skyrocketed the rapid growth of this brand. And if it is anything to go by, there is no other company that has competitive prices like Nova Kratom.

At just $19, you get 250 grams sachet of your preferred Kratom strain powder. Discounts and special offers are also a norm. Before you check out make sure you use the coupon code: NOVAKRATOM20 to get a 20% discount. Unbelievable, right?

Shipping and Refund Policy

Typically fast Shipping and on-time delivery are two very crucial factors that every Kratom buyer is so sensitive about – and Nova Kratom seems to understand this better.

Amazingly, Nova Kratom offers free shipping for all orders above $39.99. Interestingly, all orders are shipped on the same day and delivered the next day.

So, no matter when you order you get it at your door in a maximum of 2 days! Well, if this isn’t magic, then we don’t know what is. 

On top of this, Nova Kratom issues you with a tracking number to ensure that your package arrives safely and on time. 

What’s more, this company has all intents and purposes to ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their customers. As such, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their products.  

#2. Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy Hippo Herbals is another relatively young company in the online Kratom market space. Known for its cartoonish style marketing that incorporates a fun hippo image, this Idaho based is one of the fastest shipping online Kratom vendors in the market today.

But why do we recommend Happy Hippo Herbals? Well, First things first.

Kratom Quality

Just like Nova Kratom, Happy Hippo Herbals wouldn’t be on this list if their products weren’t of excellent quality. So, obviously, the company has managed to edge over its competitors by offering its customers excellent service and top-quality kratom. From our research, the company sources its unique Kratom strains and blends from Indonesia via a third-party U.S Company.

Kratom Purity and Safety

The Kratom is then tested in a Michigan-based lab for toxins and pathogens and sterilized at 170 degrees to ensure that they are safe for human consumption. The Kratom is then packaged in a controlled environment to avert any contamination. Note that the sterilization temperature is to ensure that alkaloids are not disrupted.

Product Range

To ensure that you are not exactly limited in choice, Happy Hippo Herbals stocks around 30 Kratom strains in various forms. You could get Kratom capsules, Kratom powder, and Kratom extracts.

To keep in line with the company’s peculiar brand name, all products from this vendor bear some interesting names. For instance, the White Vein Malay is christened “Thunder Hippo” while Red Vein Maeng Da is referred to as “Red Hot Hippo.”


Happy Hippo Herbals prices are, however, incredibly higher compared to what other online Kratom vendors offer. For example, 8 oz (224g) of Red Maeng Da powder is priced at $74.99 while 500 grams is priced at $144.99.

If we were to compare the quality of Kratom offered by Nova with that of Happy Hippo and measure it against the price, then this can be considered a total rip-off in our opinion. But you don’t have to take our word for it if you are comfortable with the pricing.

Shipping and Refunds

When it comes to shipping, the company does not deliver to locations where Kratom is prohibited. However, the vendor offers free next-day delivery on orders above $200 and free 2-day shipping on orders above $100 via FedEx.

While this is not exactly as fast, you are sure to get your package sooner than having to wait for four days – which is what most vendors offer. What’s more, the vendor’s refund policy is somehow vague.

They claim to offer a 30-day return period. However, for you to get a refund, “your item must be unused in the same condition that you received it.”  From this statement, you’ll be very lucky to get a refund. 

What Does Same-Day Kratom Shipping Mean?

Well, for most Kratomites this can be confusing. But it’s very easy. So, whenever you see same-day Kratom shipping, your vendor is simply telling you that your order will ship out on the particular day you place it. This can cut a day or two off the delivery time.

What Does Next-Day Kratom Delivery Mean?

Next Day Kratom delivery is a fast delivery service that guarantees your Kratom is delivered the after they are collected by the courier. This is usually in a span of 24 hours or the next business day.

What Does Next-Day Kratom Shipping Mean?

Next-day kratom shipping means that the vendor ships the order within two days of you placing your order. It should not be confused with next-day delivery. 


Kratom, like most highly perishable products, has a short shelf life. Usually, up to three months after the leaves are ground.  As such, the most appropriate time to consume it and enjoy its maximum benefits is within this period when it’s still fresh.

This means that for you to enjoy the best Kratom, your vendor must ship and deliver your favorite strain on time. A Kratom vendor like Nova Kratom that has been proven to offer premium quality Kratom with same-day shipping and next-day delivery should be your go-to option.

With such a vendor, you are assured that the product you receive will be fresh and of utmost potency.

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