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At least 133 people dead after suspension bridge in India collapses

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A 143-year-old suspension bridge in Gujarat, Western India, collapsed Monday and at least 133 people are dead.

suspension bridge collapse

The river fell into a river, and hundreds of people fell into the water below.

According to 13 WHAM, military teams are searching the waters for missing people.

Why did a suspension bridge in India collapse?

Families currently dealing with the loss of their loved ones want to know why the bridge collapsed in the first place.

This specific bridge was first built in the 1800s by the British and was known as an “engineering marvel.”

A company called Ajanta Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. had been given a 15 year contract that allowed them to maintain the bridge. This company’s main focus is manufacturing clocks, mosquito rackets, and electric bikes.

The bridge was closed then reopened on Oct. 26, the first day of the Gujarati New Year. It drew hundreds of people in to see, but it should not have been reopened.

The company in charge of maintaining the bridge did not get a “fitness certificate” according to a city official. The Indian Express newspaper that first reported the claim could not verify whether they didn’t get the certificate, but the state government is investigating the tragedy with a special team they formed.

The bridge collapsed from holding the weight of hundreds of people.

Footage showed the collapse and people trying to hold onto the cables and fencing before the bridge fell into the river.

The bridge itself split down the middle with the walkway hanging and cables snapped.

The Army, Navy, and Air Force were still looking for missing people after 177 survivors were pulled from the water.

133 people have been officially reported as dead and many more were admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Many people who died were teenagers, women, and elderly people.

When the bridge began to collapse, witnesses say there were just too many people on the bridge for everyone to get off of it quickly enough.

According to Reuters, young men were shaking the bridge and rocking it back and forth before cables started snapping. Nine arrests have been made in relation to the accident, including to security guards who failed to keep the crowds from becoming too large.

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