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Cost of heat will rise due to low supplies this winter

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Americans are realizing that the cost of heat is rapidly rising as supplies necessary become harder to find.

cost of heat will rise this winter

Low fuel supplies mean an expensive winter.

This comes as people find themselves dealing with record breaking inflation rates.

The cost to heat your home will be higher this winter as fuel supplies dwindle

According to My Twin Tiers, if you use natural gas to heat your home, the bill is likely to rise.

The Department of Energy expects the bills to rise around 28%. That’s an extra $200 this winter.

Heating oil is expected to rise as well by around 27% this winter. Electricity increases are expected to be around 10%, which is another $123.

States that mainly use heating oil can expect caps on their purchases. Some of these states include New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maine.

The rationing is to help stop people from panic buying and hoarding a supply.

Some family’s can qualify for assistance through their state when it comes to heating their home.

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