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COVID-19: Experts believe another COVID winter is coming

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COVID-19 cases have been falling and restrictions have been lifted, but experts believe another wave is coming this winter.

experts believe another covid-19 winter is coming

Many believe with the lower numbers and less restrictions, there could finally be a normal holiday season for families.

Experts do not feel the same way and expect another COVID winter.

Will there really be another winter wave of COVID-19 this year?

According to My Twin Tiers, the number of cases across the nation have remained low since the peak in July. That peak was caused by the BA.5 Omicron variant.

Hospitalizations and deaths have also continued to see lower numbers reported each day and week.

As temperatures fall though, experts expect cases of COVID-19 to rise.

Part of this belief stems in the trend that the U.S. has seen since COVID-19 first took hold in 2020.

Lin Chen, director of the Mount Auburn Travel Medicine Center and an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, shared his opinion with The Hill.

Chen said that while cases are decreasing among people in the U.S., some areas are seeing an increase in virus levels within their wastewater samples.

Out of 800 wastewater sites tested, about a quarter of them are seeing a rise in virus levels.

In Asia and Europe, COVID-19 cases are rising.

Restrictions remain low, and Americans are planning to travel during the holidays.

The official tourism marketing company for New York City predicts that there will be 6.5 million visitors this year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Chen suggests that those traveling invest in high quality masks and stay where there’s good ventilation just to stay on the safe side.

Testing before, during, and after a trip is also a good idea.

While you may be a healthy person, it’s good to stay aware to help those around that may have immune system issues or are elderly and at higher risk.

COVID-19 booster vaccine can be given to kids ages 5-11

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