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Skeletal remains found in a marsh by duck hunter

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In Lake County, Indiana, a duck hunter looking for waterfowl on Saturday instead found skeletal remains in a marsh.

skeletal remains were found in a marsh by duck hunter in indiana

The skeletal remains were found around 7 a.m. in a marsh by the intersections of Cline Avenue and River Drive in Griffith, Indiana.

According to My Twin Tiers, the hunter was looking for ducks but instead found the remains.

After seeing what looked like bones sticking out from under a piece of clothing, he called 911 immediately.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, state conservation officers, and local police all responded to the scene.

Remains were confirmed to be human and were recovered by conservation officers and dive team members from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

An investigation is ongoing and the identity of the remains has not been made.

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