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Saving tips: How to save more when shopping at Aldi

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Aldi has been growing rapidly because customers love the high quality food at affordable prices.

Here are some tips to score additional savings next time you grocery shop at Aldi.

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How to save money at Aldi

Taking a few extra minutes before you shop can really save you big. Reviewing Aldi’s circular online will allow you to see what is on sale for the week and then select recipes that use those ingredients. All you have to do is search their online circular by ZIP code to see their current and upcoming weekly deals. Once you know which sale items you want– try to get to the store as soon as the deal becomes available.

But, there are other ways to save at Adli too. When you go into the store, take the time to browse the “Aldi Finds” section. This section typically has seasonal items, household goods and grocery items at reduced prices. On their website, you can see what is currently be offered at your local Aldi. You can also look ahead to see next week’s Aldi Finds clearance deals near you. This research prior to going saves you money and an advantage of knowing when to shop. Aldi Finds tend to sell out quickly.

Whenever buying groceries online, be sure to look out for coupon codes. Aldi does not accept manufacturer coupons, but you can save by using online coupon codes.

You can earn cash back on your Aldi purchases using Fetch Rewards. You simply snap a picture of your receipt on the app to accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards. The amount of points that you earn is based on the types and brands of grocery items and household goods you buy. This is a easy way to get some money back for items you are already buying.

Another easy way to save is by bringing your own shopping bags– otherwise they cost $0.10 each. But, if you keep forgetting, grab an empty box to use instead.

If you like baked goods, keep in mind that you can get 50% items that are two days from expiring. Don’t be afraid to try store-brand goods either, as they are generally less expensive and still tasty.

Aldi has an email list you can subscribe to that sends weekly notifications about deals, including Aldi Finds and produce. However, there are additional details that they don’t advertise. You can find seasonal items in clearance bins and scattered around the store.

A good rule of thumb no matter where you shop, is to make a list. This is especially important at Aldi because there are so many temptations. If you make a grocery list and stick to it you will save money.

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