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September 13- Positive Thinking Day! What is it and how do I celebrate?

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What is positive thinking day and when did it start?

September 13- Positive thinking day

There are plenty of benefits of positive thinking and here are some great ways to practice.

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What is the origin of Positive Thinking Day?

Each year, Positive Thinking Day is celebrated on September 13. This holiday was first celebrated in 2003. An American entrepreneur came up with the idea of a day dedicated to positive thinking.

Positive thinking is good for our emotional well-being and mental health. It has the power to alleviate stress and anxiety. Studies have found that positive thinking can increase a person’s life span and keep them healthy longer.

Tips for positive thinking

There are a variety of methods that can be utilized to become a more positive thinker. A great way to start is by catching your negative thoughts and reframing them. If initially you find yourself having a negative reaction, try looking at it from a different perspective. Try to identify the reasons why you feel negatively about the situation. If you can, try to think about positive outcomes for that same situation. Keep in mind that positive thinking isn’t about huge positives and monumental wins- just simple, small wins that uplift and encourage you. A series of small wins throughout the day will result in a positive attitude. Take some time to appreciate the small joys in life today!

Ways to celebrate today

A great way to start off positive thinking day is by saying some affirmations and thinking positively about your circumstances. Be sure to seek out other positive people who will help you stay motivated. Today is also a great excuse to start a new motivational book or movie. Another simple way to celebrate is by showing gratitude for the simple things in life.

5 facts about happiness

  1. Happiness is sometimes inherited– studies show that happiness has a genetic connection.
  2. People who are regularly exposed to floral scents are likely to be three times as happy.
  3. Wearing bright colors can improve your mood
  4. 44% of women experience the holiday blues.
  5. Happiness is contagious.

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