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City of Auburn applies for federal grant to replace Canoga St. bridge

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  • Ted Baker 

The city of Auburn has applied for a federal grant to replace an aging bridge.

Canoga St. bridge did not qualify for state funding

The Canoga St. bridge over the Owasco Outlet is in need of repair. Last year, the city and C&S Companies submitted the replacement of the Canoga Street Bridge project to the New York Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) for the 2021 BridgeNY Program. However, it was not awarded the state grant.

In June, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced the availability of grant funding for three categories of Bridge Investment Program (BIP) funding opportunities. The city is applying for that federal grant money for the Canoga St. project.

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Two other bridges would be done first

Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason says if the city gets the grant, work on the Canoga St. bridge will begin after two other bridges that received state grant funding are complete.

The project is estimated to cost $6,000,000, with the grant covering 80% of the cost. The city would issue a Municipal Serial Bond for its share of the cost.

Listen to my full Inside the FLX conversation with Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason below.

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