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Walgreens saving tips: How one shopper got $40 of items for just $9

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Inflation is keeping prices high and everyone is looking to save.

Here are some serious savings tips for Walgreens.

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Savings tips for Walgreens

Kayla is a TikTok user that creates for her account Kaylakoupons. The account has over 26,000 followers. All you’ll need is your phone to take advantage of these coupons. Here’s what she found:

  1. Toilet paper
    • The first thing on her list a four pack of Cottonelle toilet paper. This item was originally priced at $4.99. However, she had a $1 off coupon at Walgreens and $2 off for submitting the purchase to Shopkick– which brought the price down to $1.99
  2. Paper towels
    • A pack of Scott’s paper towels, was originally priced at $5. Using the Walgreens app, she activated a store coupon for $1.25 off and stacked a manufacturer’s coupon for an additional $0.50 off with it. This brought her final cost down to $3.75.
  3. Deodorant
    • Next, Kayla got three rolls of Secret deodorant, priced at $6 each. For this purchase, she used a $5 off digital coupon, a $5 register reward for spending $15, and another $5 register reward for buying three of an item. After each of the discounts applied, each pack of deodorant costed her about a dollar.
  4. Gum
    • Kayla also bought three packs of Trident Mega gum, originally listed at $1.79 each. However, after she made the purchase through the Ibotta app, she got $1.99 back, which made each pack about $1 each.

Other savings tips

The best way to save money is to plan before you go– otherwise you may end up overwhelmed and overspending. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your next shopping trip:

  • look for both store and manufacturer coupons
  • look into store loyalty programs
  • take the time to compare prices to be sure you are getting the best deal

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