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Child Tax Credit: 13 states that are offering payments worth up to $1,000 to parents

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Low-income families can get payments worth up to $1,000.

Read here to see which 13 states are offering child tax credits.

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13 different states are offering child tax credit payments:

1. California

California residents that are considered low-income and work may qualify for California earned income tax credit (CalEITC). If you do and also have a child under the age of six you may also be eligible for the young child tax credit.

Families earning less than $25,000 can get up to $1,000. Households that have an income up to $30,000 will be eligible for a reduced credit.

2. Colorado

Colorado is rolling out a new child tax credit for 2022, and it is modeled after federal support. How much you’ll receive is dependent on your income and filing status, but the credits are fully refundable. Colorado residents will be able to claim the credit on their 2022 Colorado income tax return when they file beginning in January 2023.

The credit will be made available to people making less than $75,000 or $85,000 for taxpayers filing jointly who have children that are six or younger. You can get between 5% and 30% of the federal child tax credit for each child.

3. Connecticut

Eligible Connecticut residents could claim a tax rebate of up to $250 per child for a maximum of three children– or $750. Residents that claimed at least one dependent under the age of 18 on their 2021 federal income tax return were eligible. The deadline to claim was July 31 and payments are expected to go out in August.

4. Idaho

Idaho families can get a tax credit worth $205 per child. The credit is nonrefundable, meaning it will just reduce the amount of tax you owe. However, you won’t get a check if you don’t owe any tax.

5. Illinois

In Illinois, children 17 and younger can get child tax credits worth $100 per kid. The full credit is available for taxpayers who make less than $40,000 or $60,000 for joint filers. Those who make more than that may be eligible for a reduced credit.

6. Maine

In Maine, families can get $300 for each qualifying child. This is possible thanks to the dependent exemption tax credit. The eligibility criteria is the same as it is for the federal child tax credit. The credit is available to Maine residents, nonresidents and part-time residents.

7. Maryland

Maryland residents that have an adjusted gross income (AGI) of less than $6,000 can get $500 per child in state child tax credits. The credits are available to families with children under the age of 17 and there is no limit on the number of qualifying children that can be claimed.

8. New Jersey

Household’s in New Jersey can claim the child tax credit if they make $80,000 or less. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Families making more than $30,000 and less than $40,000 will get $400
  • Families making over $40,000 and under $50,000 will get $300
  • Families making $50,000 and less than $60,000 will get $300

The new policy is set to take effect on January 1, 2023. However, eligible households would have to wait until 2024 to apply for it after filing taxes.

9. New York

New Yorkers are entitled to this refundable credit if:

  • Were a full-year New York State resident or married to a full-year resident
  • Have at least one qualifying child and meet one of the following conditions:
    • You have a federal child tax credit, additional child tax credit or credit for other dependents
    • Your New York recomputed federal AGI is up to $110,000 (married filing jointly), up to $75,000 (single or head of household), or up to $55,000 (married filing separately)

The Empire child tax credit amount is the greater of 33% of the federal child tax credit, or $100 multiplied by the number of eligible children.

10. New Mexico

Qualifying residents of New Mexico can get a child tax credit of up to $175 per child. The credit is refundable. It is estimated that this will save families a total of $74million a year.

11. Oklahoma

Oklahoma is offering 5% of the federal child tax credit– but the credits are nonrefundable.

12. Rhode Island

Roughly 115,000 families in Rhode Island will be eligible to get up to $750 in a child tax rebate. The payment will be $250 for each qualifying child, with a maximum of three children totaling $750.

13. Vermont

In Vermont payments worth $1,000 will be sent out for every child five and under to households making $125,000 or less. Families making more than that may still be eligible for a partial rebate.

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