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Child Tax Credit: Grandparents raising their grandchildren can get up to $3,600

Eligible grandparents can also claim the Child Tax Credit.

Child Tax Credit

You can claim up to $3,600 per qualifying child.

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How can I apply?

Eligible families can claim the Child Tax Credit through April 15, 2025 by filing a federal tax return, even if they don’t file taxes jointly or have income. If are looking to apply for the CTC, be sure to:

  • Fill the in Form 1040
  • Have an adjusted gross income less than or equal to $150,000.
  • if filing jointly or filing as a surviving spouse your income must be equal to or less than $150,000.
  • Earn equal to or less than when $112,500 filed as head of household
  • Be a US citizen or resident

Grandparents can get up to $3,600 for children up to age 5. If your grandchild is between 6 and 17, the credit is $3,000.

Residents of Puerto Rico can claim the full amount of the credit for the taxable year 2021.

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