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Stimulus payments worth $300 going out in August to Hawaii residents

$300 stimulus payments are going out to thousands of Americans this summer as a tax rebate stimulus check in Hawaii.

cash from stimulus check payments Hawaii residents will see in August

The tax refund was proposed in the Hawaiian governor’s 2022 State of the State address.

The proposal was then signed this week thanks to the major revenue collected by the state.

Eligibility for Hawaiian residents

Families working in Hawaii as well as their dependents will see the $300 payments, depending on their income.

To qualify, single filers must earn less than $100,000.

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Married filing jointly couples cannot exceed $200,000.

Anyone who makes more than the income limit will see a $100 stimulus payment.

Those who filed their 2021 Hawaii state tax returns will benefit from this payment.

A family of 4 could see as much as $1,200 in stimulus payments.

The checks will go out at the end of August.

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