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Ohio Stimulus: Who will get $350 payments?

The state of Ohio plans to send out a stimulus check worth $350.

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But who will get the payments?

Would another stimulus check help Americans combat inflation?

Who is eligible for the stimulus?

Inflation has become a problem for most Americans. Necessities like gas and essential household items and groceries have become more expensive. Ohio plans to send out a stimulus check to help combat the cost of inflation.

Nan Whaley is the Democratic gubernatorial candidate and it is her plan to send out the rebate checks. She has promised the stimulus plan and wants to implement it upon getting elected.

The current plan is to distribute $350 to individual residents making $80,000 or less annually and $700 to couples making $160,000 or less.

Ohio is set to receive $2.68 billion in funding in the next round of funding from the American Rescue Plan. This will fund the stimulus checks– impacting about 7.4 million Ohio residents.

Although the plan sounds great for Ohio residents– Whaley must first get elected for the proposal to pass. The election is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. However, a recent poll found current Governor DeWine has a 19-point lead over Whaley.

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