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UBI program in New York has been extended- up to $400 a month for three months

Officials in Ulster County, New York have announced an extension of their UBI pilot.

UBI program

The program will now send monthly payments through September.

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Ulster County UBI extension

The Ulster County UBI program initially sent $500 monthly payments to 100 households from April 2021 until April 2022. After the payments ended, lawmakers had been hearing how impactful the money was for the recipients. Most people used the money to pay for basics and essentials.

After hearing so much anecdotal evidence that it was helping the community, Ulster County lawmakers decided to extend the program through September. The payments will go to the same 100 households that first participated in the pilot.

However, each household will not receive the same $500 monthly payment that they had prior. Rather, the payment amounts will diminish each month until the program expires. Participants should expect:

  • $400- July
  • $350- August
  • $300- September

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