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Changes to SNAP could mean some claimants losing benefits– Will you be affected?

A new law will go into effect next month in Kentucky.


This law will make it more difficult for people in the state to qualify for government benefits.

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What is the change?

Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, vetoed House Bill 7. However, Kentucky Republicans were able to override the governor’s decision since they have two-thirds majority in the state house and senate.

The state’s GOP hopes that this bill will push residents of Kentucky out of welfare and into the work force. This is to ensure that SNAP funding only goes to the neediest people in the state.

However, the bill is excepted to cost more than $250 million to enact. The expected result is that some Kentucky residents will lose their SNAP benefits.

House Bill 7 will dramatically increase the need for caseworkers to review SNAP and Medicaid applications. That means that much of the cost will be for ongoing administrative expenses.

How will this impact residents?

The initial intent of the bill was to push people off SNAP with work requirements and decrease fraudulent claims.

A new amendment, Kentucky can waive the work requirements depending on the economic condition of the claimants area.

The new legislation includes fees and benefit bans for anyone accused of fraud. The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services found that House Bill 7 will result in $104 million less in SNAP benefits.

What can we do about it?

Kentucky lawmakers are holding a community panel discussion. It will be held on Tuesday, June 21 at 5pm in Louisville to discuss the impact of the bill. The panel will be held at Norton Sports & Learning Center. If you are interested, you can register for the panel here.

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