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Will there be more money for Food Stamps in California this June?

The SNAP program has been boosted on the federal level.

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That means that states have gotten additional funding for their Food Stamp programs.

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Will California residents see more food stamps this month?

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Payments (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps, provides funds to low-income families to buy healthy foods. SNAP is a federally funded program but is administered at the state level.

California has claimed funding from the USDA so that state residents will continue getting the extra food stamp payments through June.

If you’re not sure if you have gotten the extra benefits, look at the balance of your CalFresh EBT Card balance. The additional funds will automatically be added on your scheduled deposit date.

The additional funds that many are and have been receiving are thanks to the declaration of a public health emergency. It allowed government funding to pay for programs to protect vulnerable Americans.

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