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How much is the 2022 Child Tax Credit worth in these 10 states?

Which states have available Child Tax Credits?

Child Tax Credit

And how much are those credits worth?

Who is eligible for the California Tax Rebate and how much is it?

Which states are providing support?

There are currently ten states offering Child Tax Credits. However, the amount and eligibility is determined by each state. Typically the determinations are made based on household income and children’s age.

California: Families earning less than $25,000 annually will get $1,000 payments and families earning between $25,000-$30,000 will get less than $1,000.

Colorado: Each child that is eligible will get between 5%-30% of the credit based on income and filing status from January 2023.

Idaho: $205 per eligible child as defined by section 24(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Maine: As part of the Dependent Exemption Tax Credit, each family will get $300 per qualifying child and dependent.

Maryland: Households with a gross income of $6,000 or less and children with a disability under the age of 17 will receive $500.

Massachusetts: $180 for one dependent and $360 for two or more dependents.

New Mexico: $75 to $175 for every minor child which would qualify for federal income tax purposes.

New York: $100 per qualifying child.

Oklahoma: 5% of the federal credit for each qualifying child.

Vermont: Every eligible child will get a $1,000 tax credit.

Another state is added to the list of states providing assistance to families

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