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Social Security: What should I do if my check is late?

Social Security beneficiaries get a monthly check or direct deposit.

Social Security checks

But, what should I do if my check is late?

Stimulus checks worth $1,050 being sent in New York State

When should I get the check?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) sends money throughout the month to make sure everyone gets their benefits in a timely manner. Payments typically go into people’s accounts on Wednesdays, but there are some exceptions. The exact payment dates are based on your birthday.

The birthday based payment dates are if you were born:

  • between the 1st-10th: second Wednesday of each month
  • 11th-20th: third Wednesday of each month
  • 21st-31st: fourth Wednesday of each month

Why is it late?

Your initial Social Security payment can take up to 90 days after your application has been submitted. If this isn’t your first check and it has been over a week, it is considered a delay.

There are several possible reasons for a delay, but the most likely reason is that the SSA is experiencing a slowdown. If you recently moved and didn’t notify the SSA, that could cause a delay. Changing bank accounts could also be cause for a late check.

If you think that your Social Security check may have been stolen, contact the SSA immediately.

If you think the delay is because of outdated information, call your local SSA office or 1–800–772–1213.

Stimulus payments are being issued by states, but look out for scams

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