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Stimulus: Hundreds may see $700 checks

Hundreds of workers in one location could soon see stimulus checks worth $700 each if they missed the federal stimulus payments.

stimulus check payments going out to Americans in certain states

This is happening in West Liberty, Iowa, and on June 8, 2022, councilmembers voted to send 200 residents the checks.

The plan is still in the works, so even though it’s moving forward, it still needs to be passed.

These payments are for workers that were excluded from the stimulus checks sent by the federal government.

Immigrants can also claim the payment if the proposal passes.

$147,000 from the American Rescue Plan funds will be used to pay for the program.

While the majority has agreed with the $700 per check plan, other councilmembers want the checks to be worth $1,400 each.

The formal decision is set to be made on June 21, 2022.

As inflation reaches new highs of 8.6% in May, local governments are doing what they can to help struggling residents.

Gas has now reached an average of $5 per gallon across the nation.

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Other stimulus payments and checks going out as inflation rises

In Indiana, 4.3 million residents saw $125 payments as tax refunds.

In Maine, payments worth $850 went out to help residents offset the costs of inflation.

858,000 residents qualify for these stimulus payments, so batches of 200,000 are going out each week.

In order to be eligible, residents must be a full time resident, not a dependent, and need to have filed a 2021 tax return.

Single filers cannot have an income exceeding $100,000, while head of household can’t surpass $150,000.

The threshold for married filing jointly couples is $200,000.

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