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Allergy Alert: Undeclared milk in sprinkles

There is an allergy alert out for these sprinkles.

Allergy Alert on sprinkles photos sourced from FDA.

Wilton Brands has issued an allergy alert on the possible presence of undeclared milk in these two sprinkle products.

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Sprinkle allergy alert

The company Wilton Brands has issued an alert on their sprinkle products.

According to an article by the FDA, these sprinkles may contain undeclared milk.

This means the label of these products does not disclose it contains milk.

This would put anyone with a milk allergy or sensitivity at risk of a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.

The exact products affected by this alert and their lot numbers are listed below

  • RAINBOW SPRINKLES MIX – 21005Z, 21111Z
  • RAINBOW CHIP CRUNCH SPRINKLES – 20294Z, 20314Z, 20345Z, 21013Z, 21022Z

These were sold in retail stores nationwide.

Anyone who has purchased these sprinkles should either throw them away or return them to where they were purchased.

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