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Maine residents will see $850 payments next week

A letter shortage that could have impacted thousands of payments has been resolved.


That means Maine residents should see $850 payments this week.

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When will I get my check?

The Department of Administrative Financial Affairs (DAFS) warned that thousands of checks could be delayed due to an envelope shortage. DAFS only had 250,000 envelopes, meaning that the remaining 800,000 checks would be delayed. The order is expected to arrive late June or early July. Now, they are looking for alternatives to avoid delays.

Luckily, Maine’s Treasurer’s Office had envelopes that they will provide. Now, 858,000 residents should get their payments on time.

Residents could see the $850 checks in their mailbox next week. The DAFS plans to issue about 200,000 checks each week. Maine residents who have already filed their 2021 state tax return, should see the check by mid-July. You can check the status of your refund here.

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