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Stimulus: Checks for $1,400 going out in July- are you getting one?

Direct payments worth $1,400 will be distributed to thousands in July.

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In Johnson County, Iowa, 2,596 low and moderate-income residents have applied for the stimulus check.

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Who will get the checks?

Johnson County, Iowa has set aside $2 million from the American Rescue Act to fund the stimulus program. In order to qualify, you must meet specific criteria. This includes not getting previous federal stimulus payments, job loss, and/or food and housing insecurity. You may qualify if you already are enrolled in a federal program like SNAP or SSI. Read more about it here.

For a household of one, your income must be $45,370 or less. For a household of two $51,870 or less, and $64,805 for a household of four.

The deadline has since passed. It was originally May 23 and was extended to May 27. All applicants have been contacted, regardless if they have been selected or not. You may not have qualified due to an application error, but you can revise it between June 10-17 if you made a mistake.

Somewhere between 2,300 and 2,400 residents will get the stimulus worth $1,400. The checks should reach recipients by late June or July.

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