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Stimulus: One state looking to send $2,000 checks to residents

Pennsylvania residents may be lucky enough to see a stimulus payment worth $2,000 if a proposal passes.

stimulus check with cash Pennsylvania residents may soon see

Governor Tom Wolf proposed a plan worth $1.7 billion dollars in February.

Part of this proposal is a law that would send residents of the state stimulus payments worth $2,000.

The payment is a way to help residents struggling amid inflation and rising costs in groceries, bills, and gas.

Deadlines for up to $800 approaching

The governor stated residents shouldn’t be forced to choose between paying their bills or buying food for their family.

Support for the stimulus package

Two bills were introduced that support the proposal.

These were put forth by Senate and House Democrats.

The bills are Senate Bill 1204 and House Bill 2531.

Eligibility for the stimulus payment

Residents earning $80,000 or less could see the $2,000 payments.

The goal is to help families recover who suffered financially from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill has not been passed so whether residents will actually see a stimulus payment is still up in the air.

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