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Gas Prices: When to get gas Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which means travel for many people. This is while gas prices are high.

gas pump where gas prices are high and people are filling up for memorial day weekend

So, when is the best time to get gas ahead of Memorial Day weekend?

Gas prices have only continued to rise for the last two weeks.

The national average is currently at $4.59 per gallon, which is $0.42 higher than the first record broken in March.

Gas Prices: Fuel price increases, doubling spending by $1,000s for Americans

Even though gas prices are so high, there is still expected to be quite a bit of travel for the holiday.

The expectation is that travel will be 8% heavier than last year.

82% of that increase is expected to be by car.

In total, 38 million Americans are expected to be traveling for the holiday weekend.

When should I get gas before the weekend?

The best plan is to get gas sooner, not later.

Gas stations will likely be busy this weekend.

Not only will you be paying more for your gas, you’ll be wasting more time getting it.

How long will gas prices keep going up?

If you’re traveling between states, check out the prices across state lines to see if you’ll save that way.

You can also drive 5-10 miles per hour slower during travel.

This will save you about $4.50, or 10%.

This comes out to about $0.50 per gallon.

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