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Inflation: Minimum wage in New York State amid inflation

As the United States faces alarmingly high rates of inflation, New Yorkers making the minimum wage for the state are finding themselves struggling.

checks New Yorkers see worth minimum wage as inflation continues to rise

The minimum wage in NYC, Long Island, and Westchester County is set at $15 per hour as of Dec. 31, 2021.

Everyone else can be paid as little as $13.50 throughout the rest of the state.

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According to AS, a report from MIT stated that in 2020, a living wage in NYC for one adult with no children was $25.42.

The living wage for parents with one child was determined to be $43.18.

A parent with two children must be paid $53.00 for it to be considered a living wage.

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A home with two working adults would cause the rate to decrease slightly.

The median wage for workers throughout New York State is $23.46, or $70,460 annually.

Wages and inflation in New York State for 2022

Food has risen in cost by 8.8% while energy has jumped 29.8%.

The pandemic along with Russia invading Ukraine has caused some major disruptions in the supply chain.

The average cost of meat, poultry, fish and eggs is up 13.2% since April of 2021.

Dairy is up 7.2% and produce is up 8.9%.

One way the state is trying to offset costs is by offering a program to low income families for childcare.

$2 billion dollars in childcare subsidies will be distributed to families and childcare providers.

Childcare is also inflating by about 2.5% compared to one year ago.

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