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Cost of Living: Most expensive places during inflation

As inflation continues to rise, many Americans have opted to move to more affordable places for a better cost of living.

homes people are buying and selling as the cost of living changes

In addition to places becoming more expensive, remote work has become more accessible to people, allowing them to relocate.

Cities that are gaining more people than they lost when people relocated is causing higher rates of inflation.

Areas experiences higher rates are in the Sun Belt.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

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The more people move there, the more unaffordable they become.

These cities include Tampa and Phoenix where prices are doubling.

Places where people left like New York City and San Francisco aren’t experiencing inflation as badly as other places.

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According to Redfin and reported by The Sun, there are three areas suffering the worst inflation.

3 areas experiencing the worst rates of inflation as the cost of living changes

Atlanta has seen a large amount of people move to the area.

This is the tenth most popular location to move with home prices up 22% compared to the national average of 17%.

Its inflation rate is 10.6%.

Phoenix has seen prices rise 10.9% over the last year and is the second most popular area for people to move to after Miami.

Tampa has seen a 9.9% increase in prices.

Home prices here have risen by 29%.

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