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Benefits: You can apply for food stamps and SSI all at once

Many Americans are eligible for a total benefit of $1,091 if they apply and are approved for both SSI and food stamp benefits.

benefits application for food stamps

The Social Security Administration is allowing anyone who applies for SSI to apply for food stamps simultaneously.

What you get for food stamps depends on how big your household is and differs by state.

The maximum benefit for one person is $250, and $459 for a two person household.

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The max SSI benefit for 2022 for one person is $841 and for two it’s $1,261.

If you’re applying for SSI or already get it, the SSA will help you with certain things.

This includes helping you complete your food stamp application over the phone, in person with a scheduled appointment, mailing you an application, or sending yours to the SNAP office.

SSI and food stamps explained

SSI is a benefit that will help people who have little or no income.

Those 65 and older, blind, and/or disabled can qualify.

Food stamps are also known as SNAP benefits, and are one of the largest assistance programs used in the country.

Low income households are able to purchase food with an EBT card provided to beneficiaries.

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