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SSDI: Millions waiting on applications, here’s how to speed it up

Millions of Americans are enrolled in Social Security programs like SSDI, but waiting on the application process can feel like a long and stressful time.

SSDI application being filled out

At the moment, there are over 1.1 million Americans waiting for the approval of their disability, or SSDI, application.

The Social Security Administration says it takes 3-5 months for the decision to be made regarding applications for disability.

65% of first time SSDI applications are normally denied.

This may add onto the time it takes for your application to be approved with an appeal.

SSDI is for individuals who have disabilities and are not able to work at the same capacity they could before.

Here are 6 tips on speeding up your application for SSDI

First, make sure to check over your application and that all details are correct.

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If your application was denied, it could be because you spelled things wrong or put inaccurate information.

In some cases, you may not have provided enough information.

A lot of information is needed, including names of doctors and hospitals, dates you had treatment, employers, and job information spanning 15 years.

The next thing that will help speed up approval is to file your appeal ASAP after denial.

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You have 60 days to do it, but you shouldn’t wait or you may face delay.

Next, you can request a hearing from a judge.

The odds of approval are a big higher when appealing in front of a judge.

If you have dire need, express it.

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This means you don’t have access to food or medicine and you cannot obtain them without financial assistance.

Terminal illnesses can help speed up your application process.

This includes ALS, AIDS, some cancers, hospice care, remaining on a cardiopulmonary device, and heart, liver or lung transplants.

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You must provide evidence you have these things.

You can get your claim processed faster if you were disabled in the military.

This is for those who suffered the disability while on active duty on or after Oct. 1, 2001.

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