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Child Tax Credit: Who can claim the new credits with GetCTC?

The GetCTC tool has officially reopened for struggling families to be able to claim their child tax credit.

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Those with little or no income may make the claim now.

In 2021, families that made under $150,000 or singles making under $75,000 could claim the full credit, worth up to $3,600.

Many of these families received the first $1,800 in staggered payments from July through Dec., followed by $1,800 with their tax refund.

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Child Tax Credit: What do I need to do to claim the payments?

The eligibility was determined using people’s 2019 or 2020 tax returns.

This means if you make little to nothing, you may not have filed a tax return those years.

Without a tax return on file, the IRS didn’t know to send some families that qualified the credit.

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Claiming your child tax credit with GetCTC

In 2021 GetCTC launched.

Tax documents aren’t necessary to use the tool.

You will need to fill out an online form through the portal to claim the credit.

Stimulus: States with rebate checks worth up to $1,500

There may be certain circumstances where you won’t qualify.

This includes not filing Form 8862 since an IRS investigation or reduction in child tax credit.

If you bought or sold cryptocurrency you may not qualify.

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