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Child Tax Credit: What do I need to do to claim the payments?

The Child Tax Credit is reopening to help struggling families.

child tax credit

In 2021, eligible families could claim $1,800.

Stimulus: Don’t miss the deadline to claim $800

How do you claim the payments on GetCTC?

The IRS determines payment eligibility based on the applicants 2019 or 2020 tax returns. However, not everyone has filed their tax returns. This tends to especially be true for families earning little to no money. Read more about it here.

New tools launched in 2021 to help reach the families that hadn’t filed but could use the assistance. One of the tools is from the IRS and the other is GetCTC. GetCTC is in collaboration with the White House and Code for America. Code for America is a nonprofit tech organization. However, the GetCTC portal will not reopen.

The purpose of the portal is that it is free to use and doesn’t require tax documents. In order to claim money using the portal, families would have to fill out a form online. If you previously received the Child Tax Credit reduced or disallowed by the IRS and haven’t filed Form 8862, you may not be eligible.

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