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Stimulus: States with rebate checks worth up to $1,500

Stimulus checks caught on when the federal government sent Americans three, and now states are doing the same for their residents.

stimulus check and cash residents could see from their state

These stimulus tax rebates are to help Americans offset the rise in inflation.

While the rate of inflation dropped between March and April, it’s still incredibly high at 8.3% for April.

Here are 7 states sending out stimulus tax rebate payments worth up to $1,500

Colorado announced it would be sending 3.1 million residents rebate checks worth up to $800.

Single filers will see $400 while joint filers will see $800.

You must be a full time Colorado resident and have your taxes filed by May 31, 2022 with the state.

Stimulus: Don’t miss the deadline to claim $800

600,000 Delaware residents will get stimulus payments worth up to $600.

Single filers will get $300 and joint filers will get $600.

Those who filed a 2020 Delaware state tax return will start to see payments in May.

Georgia residents will see stimulus payments based on their filing status.

Two deadlines for direct payments are quickly approaching

Single filers will get $250, head of household filers will get $375, and joint filers will get $500.

Indiana is sending residents a stimulus rebate check worth $125.

This is legally required when they experience an excess in reserve funds.

Payments will be sent by direct deposit if you filed your tax returns with the state on time and chose direct deposit.

Illinois residents will see payments worth up to $400.

Singles will see $50, and couples $100.

Each dependent will get $100, so couples with three kids could see $400.

Maine is sending residents a stimulus payment of $850 as early as June.

Finally, New Mexico is giving residents multiple payments.

First, single taxpayers could see up to $500 in tax rebates, and married couples up to $1,000.

Then there is another payment for dependents like the child tax credit worth up to $175 per child.

New Mexico residents could see up to $750 or $1,500 with all payments combined.

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