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FDA working with Abbott to reopen baby formula factory

Abbott has announced that they had reached a deal with the FDA.

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They are currently planning to reopen a baby formula factory that shut down earlier this year.

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When will formula be back on shelves?

The FDA and baby formula producer Abbott have reached a deal to reopen a formula factory. A factory in Sturgis, Michigan closed earlier this year because of recalls and has contributed to the shortage. Now, a plan is in place to reopen that factory. Read more about it here.

Abbott has confirmed that they have entered a consent decree with the FDA. This is an agreement on the benchmarks required to resume production. It also ensures that the factory will meet the required safety guidelines. If the plan is approved in court, production in Michigan could start up as soon as two weeks.

Upon reopening, they will produce specialty metabolic formulas EleCare and Alimentum. Eventually Similac and other formulas may follow.

Abbott has claimed that from the day the site starts producing formula, it will take 6-8 weeks before it is available on shelves again.

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