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SSDI: Can spouse’s get this benefit?

SSDI is a program under the Social Security Administration that provides financial Assistance to disabled Americans.

social security card with cash for benefits like SSDI

Family members of the disabled may also claim SSDI benefits.

SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance, and pays disabled Americans who are insured.

SSDI: What you need to know about spousal benefits?

This means you’ve worked long enough to contribute to the SSA while working.

If eligible, your spouse can also get a benefit if you’ve been married for at least one year and they’re 62 or older.

If your spouse is caring for a child under 16 or who is disabled, they can get the benefit without a specific age requirement.

How much can people get with SSDI benefits?

The spouse may claim up to 50% of what their disabled spouse collects.

This is only true of they claim at their full retirement age or are caring for the disabled spouse’s child.

If you already get Social Security or a disability worth more, you cannot claim on behalf of your spouse’s SSDI.

If claimed before retirement age, they will be reduced.

In the event of a divorce, the divorced spouse can only claim SSDI on behalf of their ex if they were married for at least 10 years and the claiming ex spouse is at least 62 and hasn’t remarried.

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