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Food Stamps: 6 things you can purchase with SNAP

Food stamps, or SNAP benefits, are used by millions each month to help households afford nutritional groceries and food options.

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There are many things you can purchase using food stamps, but they have to be approved by SNAP.

This includes produce, neat, dairy, grain, and other various products.

There are many things people may not be aware of that they can pay for as well.

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6 things you may not have known you can purchase with food stamps

The first thing is energy drinks.

You may use your food stamp card to purchase energy drinks that meet the general standards of the USDA.

This includes Red Bull, Rockstar, and Starbucks Double Shot.

Any energy drinks labeled with supplemental facts will not be covered, like K-cups or 5 Hour Energy.

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Food Stamps: When to expect SNAP benefits in every state

Coffee and tea are another item that can be purchased using food stamps.

The packages you have to prepare yourself can be purchased, but not ready to drink items.

Hot beverages are not included in food stamp purchases, similarly to hot meals.

In the state of Alaska, hunting and fishing gear can be purchased only because people living remotely need to be able to provide that way.

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Purchased goods can include nets, lines, hooks, fishing rods, harpoons, knives, and other fishing equipment.

This will not work in any other state.

Some areas allow restaurant meals to be purchased where the Restaurant Meals Program is in place.

Only certain populations can make these purchases, like the elderly, homeless, and disabled.

Gift baskets may be purchased as long as half of the basket is made up of food items.

Finally, all sorts of snacks like cakes, chips, chocolate, and pies can be purchased.

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