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Social Security: What are retroactive benefits?

If you haven’t paid into Social Security, you may be eligible for spousal benefits.

Social Security Administration

This means thar you may also qualify for retroactive benefits.

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What are retroactive benefits?

Retroactive payments are a one time payment from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The payments go to those who have delayed filing for retirement benefits are the typical retirement age. Find additional details here.

If you file your Social Security benefits after reaching full retirement age, you could request a retroactive benefit. The benefit would reimburse you for the monthly payments you missed. The maximum retroactive benefit is six months.

If you file non-spousal retirement benefits when you reach full retirement age, you could lose your “delayed retirement credits” that you’ve earned.

There are no delayed retirement benefits with spousal benefits. You can’t claim a delay with retroactive benefits when you are married.

By applying for Social Security spousal benefits after you reach retirement, you may be eligible for the retroactive payment.

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