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Heinz: Ketchup bottle gets new look

Heinz is doing something new with their bottles.

Heinz ketchup bottle.

Ketchup bottles all seem to look the same.

Heinz is going to be trying something new.

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Heinz Paper Bottle

We all have a favorite condiment.

If yours is ketchup odds are you’re reaching for a Heinz bottle.

With a lot of brands switching to more eco-friendly options, it seems like this brand has been taking notes.

They will be partnering with Pulpex a sustainable packaging maker.

The partnership is in the hope to create a renewable, paper-based recyclable bottle made using wood pulp.

This will make them the first brand to test a paper bottle for condiments.

An article written by Eat This, Not That contains this quote from Kraft Heinz CEO

“This new HEINZ bottle is one example of how we are applying creativity and innovation to explore new ways to provide consumers with the products they know and love while also thinking sustainably.”

With a lot of shoppers reaching for eco-friendly products, this will be good news.

The company aims to make all its packaging compostable, reusable, and recyclable by 2025.