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UBI: Don’t miss TODAY’S deadline for $850 payments for 2 years

Today is the final day for Georgia residents who qualify to apply for a UBI program that pays residents $850 per month for two years.

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The program is called Her Hands and offers months payments for two years that help 650 Black women who are at or below the poverty level.

Funding is worth $13 million dollars and will focus on the three area with the largest racial wealth gaps and poverty.

The current applications for for Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward area.

UBI: $850 UBI payments for women

Applications close today, Sunday May 15, at 11:59 p.m.

The next round of applications are for Clay, Terrell, and Randolph Counties and open in June.

There will be a final site announced this month where applications will open in July.

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Direct Payments: Who could see up to $5,500?

This is one of the biggest UBI programs offered for Black women and in the South.

A random lottery system will be used to choose participants out of the eligible applicants.

There are two groups who will receive payment.

One will see $850 monthly payments for two years.

The other will see a lump sum payment of $4,300 followed by 23 months of $700 monthly payments.

Eligibility for the UBI program

In order to meet eligible, you must live in Old Fourth Ward or Sweet Auburn.

You need to be a woman who is at least 18.

There must be proof of impact caused by COVID-19, whether financial or health related.

Finally, your income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty line.

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